It’s nearly a shame that she’s a pornstar, a very HOT pornstar!

I’ve heard that so many times about this particular pornstar, but look at it this way… If she was not doing porn videos and Live porn Shows, then we would be missing out watching something so gorgeous doing it, so it’s a knife that has two handles LOL. I myself pictured her doing anything else but what she’s doing, simply because she is doing it so well and now that she’s doing it also live, and things have never looked so good and I doubt they ever will. Keep in mind that there are another 100 award-winning adult models that work on the same network as her, this obviously when it comes down to live porn videos, and if you think you can get them all, you can watch them all, all live, at one price that turned out to be less than one dollar a day, then I would say that’s a pretty good deal.

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I could spend another 10 hours talking about Jenna, but at this point I would invite you to visit her page that I have linked as you can see above on the specific network where she is doing live porn Odyssey along with another 900 popular adult models so cold pornstars. So don’t waste time reading what I have to say and jump right on top of the ball and see what it’s all about.

In the case that you not able to visit a pornographic website at this time my suggestion would be to check out on Facebook or its sister website also on Facebook.

Will she ever be one of the live webcam porn team?

I think I brought this up like two months ago, and I asked the same question, considering that she is one of the elite Pornstars of the past five years, that she is known practically by anybody that watches porn, she’s actually known by people that don’t even watch porn LOL that’s how famous units. So what is keeping her from becoming most probably one of the most successful live pornstars in the history of porn, not in the history of online porn, but in the history of porn since pornography started in the 18th century 😉


Live Webcam Porn With out Jenna Jameson is like a cake with no cherry on top, is like a river with no water, it’s like the sky without clouds, it makes no sense at all and that’s why I personally I’m asking her if she would get in contact with me even through her manager, so that we can sit down and we can talk about why she is yet not doing live porn.

I would be very happy to post it on all my major blogs and of course on the magazine that I work for and I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about, it mostly talks about Live Pornstars and I would just love to put her right in the center of all those other adult actresses and I would desire to see her strip down naked live and of course get fucked while I and hundreds of thousands of other fans actually get to watch it happen, now that would be an absolute dream, and my appeal is to get Jenna to do this not only for herself, not only to become even more famous than she is but to do it especially for the millions of her fans around the world.

Jenna even dressed looks fantastic!

I have to admit that Jenna would look good dressed even in scrubs and a hardhat, she would look good in anything, the guarantee is that she’s going to take it off no matter what LOL. Jenna Jameson one of the most famous and particular Live Pornstars today starring on a now very popular website called We’ve already mentioned what this website is all about, but what we did not say yet is how Jenna is practically the diva because she stands out among all the other porn stars that are listed and perform live sex on this network, actually that network, because this is a blog LOL.

I still haven’t gotten the chance to talk to her, as her manager says she is awfully busy not only is she working and creating porn videos that will go on DVD and on the major paysites, but she is also using most of her spare time to go to the studios and improvise porn videos live right there and then, she also has many scheduled shows within the month, and month by month, but she loves to just walk in sometimes and do a show if there is an opening to do so.

jenna jemsen

That’s what Jenna is all about, she loves to surprise her fans, she loves her fans to be always stuck to this seat, she loves to tease but at the same time she told the guys over at AVN in an interview last month that she loves the fact that she can fuck and createLive Porn Videos now, she actually said it does turn her on a lot more than if she was making a regular porn video.

I hope to get some insight news very soon, I heard that she is going to do with a few other models some serious Pornstars Videos over in Florida, down in Miami and a one of our editors should be there for the event and therefore hopefully will be able to get a direct interview with Jenna and she can tell us all about her experience doing live porn videos and being obviously a protagonist in doing so.

Will Jenna ever do some live porn for us to watch!?

Well first of all everybody that I know that loves porn is actually keeping their fingers crossed hoping that she will actually come back to the adult entertainment industry where she was number one porn star for at least half a decade and then comes the fact and the hopes that she will take on the Live Porn

opportunity that hundreds of other famous and beautiful porn stars have taken in these past few months since has started off with this brand-new concept where you can watch porn stars live having sex, so that you understand what I’m talking about and where I’m going this would be like watching a porn video only that it is live happening right there in front of your eyes!!

23rd Annual AVN Awards Show Jgt XMGZ3j Nl

So yes even if it does seem a little forward at advanced to see her in some Live Pornstar sex action I really hope that she does take in consideration to come back and of course a come back where we will see her do it live, until then there are a number 500+ models all well-known in the adult industry that are already doing!

Just in case that you are curious and you would like to see Pornstars Live I invite you to click on one of the links that I have posted in this article and to go and check it out for yourself, then if you like what you see and maybe if you do sign up, please be courteous enough to back post about your experience it was great hearing from other people that are testing adult oriented websites like myself.

Jenna Jameson Professional Cock Sucker

Sometimes we wonder if Jenna Jameson became a pornstar because of her ability to suck cock like a mad woman… She’s never ever shied away from a cock…. Jenna Jameson starts with the balls, works her way up the shaft, licks the top, swallows his cock, and then does it all over again…. Rinse and repeat!

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If there is one thing that Jenna Jameson knows how to do and do well it’s giving head!

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When Jenna Jameson pulls out the big guns – her huge fucking pornstar knockers – not only can Jenna Jameson fuck any man she wants but also can fuck in any position she wants too!

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Jenna Jameson might be a porn star, but she is still a beautiful woman at the very same time… She’s got big blonde hair, huge boobs, and a sexy tight ass… Of course, the most sexy thing about Jenna Jameson is the fact that she is a porn star that never ever says no!

Look at those huge boobs…

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Jenna Jameson couldn’t be able to hide those boobs no matter how she tried!

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